Toms River is the sixth largest community in New Jersey. It’s a mid-size town with a population of 88,890 people that offers residents a quaint, enjoyable lifestyle within driving distance of major cities. The community is a mixture of blue collar and white collar families, giving the area versatility that often isn’t found in small towns. There are also many beautiful Homes for sale Toms River perfect for families of all sizes.  Let’s take a look at a few of the best neighborhoods in Toms River.

Silverton Estates

One of Toms River’s most expensive neighborhoods is Silverton Estates.  Home prices average a cost of about $446,201, a price that is 69% higher than other Toms River neighborhoods. Silverton Estates features a robust collection of medium and large-size single-family homes. The homes are usually newly built, offering as many as six bedrooms.

Brookside Heights

Homes for sale Toms River

Brookside Heights is another popular Toms River neighborhood that could be perfect for your family. Homes average a cost of $303,333 in this neighborhood, although some sell for quite less than this amount. Many homes in the Brookside Heights neighborhood are older, built in the 1940s- 1960s.

City Center

Toms River’s City Center, much like those elsewhere in the U.S., is always a popular place to call home. As a City Center resident, walking often becomes a fun activity since it leads you to all the places you need to be within minutes. There’s a variety of entertainment options downtown, including comedy clubs, restaurants, and bars. Average cost to buy a City Center home is $343,120. There’s a mixture of small apartments and large home located in the City Center.

No matter where you choose to call home in Toms River, you’ll fit right in. There is no better place in New Jersey to make your home.